Private Island Useppa

I love traveling and do it very time I get an opportunity.  This weekend, my destination was Private Island Useppa.

Private Island Useppa is one mile long and a third of a mile wide.  Yet it manages to host hundreds of exquisite creatures and inimitable landscape.  I was walking down the pass way surrounded  by the archways of banyan trees, and many beautiful and  exotic flowers and other tropical vegetation, The truly tropical island, the smell, the colors, the sooting sound of the waters surrounding the land…all was perfect.  It reminded me one of my childhood dreams when I was dreaming to find myself on the deserted island full of lash of tropics and here I was!

oceanic blue retreats

The only way you can get to this private island of Useppa is only by the boat or a ferry.  From day one, Useppa has been the premier private home port and fabulous destination for the cruising yachtsman on the west coast of Florida.

The island is very small however there is so much to do!

Do you like to fish?   If this is what yo unlike to do you will find some of the world’s finest tarpon, snook, and redfish angling, which is easily accessible by boat and yacht or fishing kayaks which we have for rent at Joseffa’s store.  Fishing charters are also available near private island Useppa.

private island useppa

Do you like to go Kayaking?  Great! During your stay on the island you will have the opportunity to visit the islands and beaches by kayaking!

private island useppa_5

Maybe you feel like Croquet or Tennis?  The beautiful Florida sunshine and breeze makes for an ideal venue for those activities.

Cayo Costa State Park is only a boat ride away from Useppa Island.  Taking a day trip to the park is a fun way to explore more of this hidden oasis. The 2,426 acre park has nine miles of pristine beach and is known as a Gulf Cost paradise.  Yet the island of  Useppa is not too bad itself.  The  surrounding beauty truly impressed me.  The huge trees were on left and right.

private island useppa_2

I think this was one of my favorite times on the island.  I was mesmerized by the massive size and stable grounding on a such small island.  Those trees stood strong during the hurricanes!

And Here is me on the tree!   My friend Ryan took this picture for me.  My passion is photography.  I took tons of more pictures, which can be viewed on my Instagram:

private island useppa_1