Off Season Discount Travel

Off Season Discount Travel is the great way to have a a nice vacation at the best possible value that is out there.

At Oceanic Blue Retreats, we offer great deals on our rooms and the gourmet breakfast is included in the rate of the room.  Oceanic Blue retreats offer $15 per night per room deal.  No other Bed & Breakfast offers that rate.  $15 room promotion was designed for the adults who are traveling with children.  In the event of the parents want to have the privacy in their room, the room for their kids is available at the symbolic price.  In many restaurants the breakfast will cost $15.  In this case, the breakfast for kids is included in the price of the room.

off season discount traveloff season discount travel

Off Season Discount travel is also great because the room for the adults are also rented at the lesser rate.  For example our Sage room, which we call economy room is rented at $49 per night.  For that price, the guest get to access all the living areas of the spacious house, enjoy the entertainment room and be able to com anything in our large kitchen.

Oceanic Blue Retreats welcomes you to have a nice vacation at the best possible cost.