10000 Islands Gulf of Mexico


10000 Islands Gulf of Mexico

Almost every weekend, I go down to Goodland (South of Naples), where I take my Jetski or a boat to enjoy my shirt get away.  I have arrived to South West Florida about a year ago and after successfully starting my new business venture, I finally have the time to explore.  My goal is to visit every single of 10000 Island Gulf of Mexico.  Every island is unique, full of birds, crabs, and bugs.  Some of them are surrounded by Mangroves and some have small strips of white sand beaches.  There are a lot of gorgeous sand bars, where one should be careful and going on Jetski at 60 miles per hour.  10000 Island Gulf of Mexico are full of life.  Millions of fish are jumping out of the water on left and right.  The birds are staying close to catch that fish.  If you to go there in low tide early in the morning, you can see of how all the animals are feeding.

10000 gulf of mexico

The fish is just jumping out of the water and easily to catch with the bare hands.  Of cause you must be fast!  Well, I can brag about catching this size of fish, but hey I was not even trying.  I released a little fellow right back and went to Roy’s Restaurant for dinner instead.

Below is another great shot of one of 10000 islands Gulf of Mexico. Sometimes, it is hard for me to tell if it is a sand bar or if it is an actual island.  The view is changing as the currents go up and down and the tides are following.

I always up to a date with the tide website to see what would be the best time to go to the islands.

10000 islands gulf of mexico

I enjoy my new life close to 10000 islands Gulf of Mexico: swim, tan, bird watching, discovering, views of waters and nature, white sand bars, etc

oceanic blue retreats_2

Life is beautiful.  Traveling adds a whole new perspective to it and truly shows the value of life. Many forget to stop the busy life, and enjoy what truly matters.  It is a luxury to be able to escape the hassle and stress and look deep inside of one self to see what does one need to be happy?  The fresh air, the sun, the breeze, the nature around you, the life….

10000 islands gulf of mexico

enjoy your life, for it is beautiful

10000 islands gulf of mexico _2