Free Hotel Stay Contest

In recognition of my loyal guests, as well as potential future customers, Ella’s Vacation Rentals is kicking off a series of contests. In a previous entry, I mentioned that I was looking for talented bloggers / photographers to write about travel-related topics AND my business. Tell fellow journeyers about the places that you have visited. What were some of your best, or worst, experiences? Can you give any tips about vacation planning? Or maybe you simply want to describe in vivid detail the natural beauty of a certain locale, like the tree-studded mountains and the grassy foothills surrounding a private cabin in rural North Carolina, or the translucent, turquoise waters, -of a Caribbean paradise- that reveal an underwater panorama of brightly-colored, exotic fish darting in, out and around equally impressive coral reefs.

Instead of a random drawing, the results of this contest will be based on creativity, style and informational merit. If you like to write about your travels, are a seasoned writer, or a neophyte blogger with drive and determination, give it a shot. You may win, among other prizes, a complimentary two-day1 stay at one of my newly-remodeled, luxurious beach accommodations. Keep checking back for updates on future contests and promotions.

Other perks will be given to my “press – trip” creative individuals

1Applies only to a minimum five-day stay.


Room Rate per night $150 sleeps 8.  The re will discount applied to $150/night

Coordinate your travel dates:

$150/8 = $18.75 per person per night

=  Euro 16.39 per night per person

Cleaning fee is $129 which I can wave if you to clean the place yourself!  I will help!

Contest discount:  2 nights fee in exchange for PR

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