Dry Tortugas

And off I go to Dry Tortugas.  Summers are very good for going into the seas.  Dry Tortugas is located in the Gulf of Mexico and about 70 mile s south from Key West.  The place is priggery private, since the only way one can get there is by a good size boat.  It illuminates all the noise and dirt that tourists normally generate.  Going to Dry Tortugas over the summer was a nice treat. Coming out from the population and smog of the Los Angeles, I sure appreciated it even more. A such clean air, inhale – exhale.. Life is beautiful.

Some of the best places to fish are located close to Dry Tortuga.  One is not allowed to fish at the State Park, but you can always take your boat away from the Islands, enjoy the voyage and indulge your fresh catch.  Nothing can be more tasty then to have a BBQ, right on the boat and eat fresh  fish, lobsters, chasing it down with the iced cold beer.

The currents are very strong in those waters and the boats are constantly getting off their parking places.  It is nog hard to crush.  The sleeping at night under the millions of bright and shining stars was one f the best experiences in my life.  The ocean breeze was still warm and felt great on my skin.

Swimming and snorkeling is highly encouraged, obviously.  Even the barracudas are chilled, so are the people in the water.  I saw this one nice looking barracuda, and then knowing how much trouble I am, I screamed out loud that every one who was swimming around could hear: “ Barracuda is in the water!”  However, to my great disappointment not one single person got out of the water.  Neither did I.  I did not have the barracuda for the dinner, but this is what I had.   (see pic bellow)

Yes, the life is a beautiful thing. After driving from Los Angeles, California for 40 hours and stopping only once to sleep for a few hours, going to Dry Tortugas to rest and heal was an amazing treat.  I have visited Dry Tortugas four times, over one summer and each time it was a unique experience. It is hard to describe in the words all the beauty that I seen there.  It shall be a must visit place for all the travelers that are going to Florida