Ellas Vacation Rentals Florida

Ellas Vacation Rentals Florida is a unique vacation spot.  Simply stated, paradise found… 

The location of private accommodations can not be better.  As you arrive you would be sept away with the feeling of the tropics and experience Real Florida.   The properties are gorgeous, well maintained and sparkling clean. The rates are starting from $75.00 per night and go up to $300.00 per night.  

Ellas Vacation Rentals Florida

There is something for every one.  If you are single traveller or an executive who comes only for a day or two, the efficiency beach suites are available.  If you are the young couple who come to celebrate the honeymoon or the older love snow birds, there are more spacious beach suites that are very comfortable with a romantic vibe.  For a huge family reunion, or Spring Break travelers, or how you would call yourself “a very responsible group of 20 something students, who are slightly over 18 years of age, there a spacious Beach suites available or a huge house in Downtown of Fort Myers or Lehigh Acres. (please do not leave the fire works inside of the beds…)  I welcome everyone.   On occasion, I even allow a small chihuahua . pet frently vacation rentals

Why one shall come and experience Ellas Vacation Rentals Florida?

After all, it is all about passion. I love hosting & I love making sure that every one enjoy the vacation of their life time.  Personally, I have traveled expensively.  Travel is one of the best education that one can get.  One gets wise, gains more perspectives, new ways to see the life and most importantly learns about the people and over all humanity.  The world is a beautiful thing.  Nothing can compare with the exposure.  Thought travel, one learns of how to be patient, understanding and kind.

Why is Ellas Vacation Rentals Florida is a unique place?

In Europe and or Australia, where I lived for sometimes, private vacation rentals have being a normal way to travel and to stay for many years.  In the United States of America it is a very new thing.  More and more people realize of the extra income when they can rent out their room or a second house.  Many people got an opportunity to travel for cheap.  Now, you do not need to rent 10 rooms at the hotel, when you can rent the entire house that fits 10 and for the price of one hotel room.  It gave an opportunity to travel to people who never could afford it otherwise.  Thus more American families have the chance to travel now and enjoy the life.  One does not have to be rich to travel!  Just come to Ellas vacation Rentals Florida.  Here is why my place is unique.  Many American people never traveled before.  They expect when they rent the private accommodations, it would come with the service that big hotels provide, where everything is taken care of at the snap of the finger. Well, that is why one pays the big buck.  After arriving to private accommodations, they realize that if they need something they have to go and find it or get it themselves.  Being independent traveller can be a scary thing.  For example, many ask: where is the Walmart and how to get to it?”  I do not get offended and it is my pleasure to hold one hand and guide one and help.  I am your travel guide and I am your concierge.

At Ellas Vacation Rentals Florida, I have guest books, packed with all kinds of useful information about the local establishments.  I have maps, recommendations… I even have kayaks!   I thought of everything.  All I want you is to have the vacation of your life time.  I am a small private business, but I go extra miles and miles more to make you fell like in 5 start resort!

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