Luxury accommodations, Los Angeles

The two years that I have spent in the Fort Myers area have been spectacular, both personally and professionally. But in expanding my business I am turning my attention back to Los Angeles, where I spent nearly half of my life and cultivated many relationships. Now I am offering guests a unique opportunity to experience the lavish lifestyle of Hollywood –in a manner of speaking- with fantastic, luxurious accommodations.

The elegance and opulence of this place arrest the eyes like a stunning, sublime vision of what most people only dream about. The eclectic décor is a blissful marriage of retro and modern. From the shiny, speckled tile of the bathroom floors to the soft, magical glow of the sumptuously-appointed den, every room is redolent with glamour. The color scheme smoothly shifts as you stroll throughout the place, leaving your aesthetic sensibilities wholly impressed and wholly intact. All is perfectly arranged.

Crystal chandeliers grace many of the rooms, enhancing the style and extravagant charm. Even the hallway is artistically appealing, with its sconces and paintings lining the walls. Lovely area rugs deck the floors.

Perfect as both a vacation rental or a movie set, this superb locale has a spacious dressing room with ample hair-styling and makeup areas. The office is comfortable and practical, with plush leather chairs, a marble table, a fireplace and of course, a computer. The bathrooms feature walk-in showers, and one of the bathrooms even has an old-fashioned (yet perfectly modern!) clawfoot tub. A beautiful, state-of-the-art kitchen with black-and-white checkered floors and granite countertops makes dining-in a pleasure, while the tastefully-designed lounge is an ideal place to unwind. 

Your friends and family can’t but be impressed when you tell them where you’re staying.

For film makers amateur or professional, there are a movie set and two warehouses at this location. Naturally, the aforementioned dressing room would be indispensable for aspiring cinematographers. You will feel like a star.

Enjoy the splendor and privacy of this latest and arguably most exciting addition to Ella’s Vacation Rentals. Call me to arrange for your Hollywood holiday!

Let us do our work as well,

Both the unseen and the seen;

Make the house where gods may dwell

Beautiful, entire, and clean.

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, The Builders