Caribbean Luxury Resorts

My continuing lifetime itinerary next takes me to the fabulous Amanyara resorts in Providenciales, situated between West and North Caicos Islands, in the British West Indies. Sprinkled along the northeastern tip of this 38 square mile haven are dozens of first-class accommodations for travelers. Known as “Provo,” Providenciales is the third largest of the eight Caicos and Turk islands, and the most developed. Prior to the European influx spawned by the arrival of Christopher Columbus, the area was inhabited by the indigenous Taino and Lucayan Indians.

The guest pavilions and villas seem to float on the turquoise ponds that surround them, which in turn become shimmering mirrors, flashing back the image of style and luxury. Although roughly 5,000 miles from Venice, this magical milieu will make you think of the storied Italian city. Designed with meticulous artistry, these habitations share a blissful synergy with the ubiquitous beauty of their natural surroundings. Some people even make Amanyara their permanent home. Easy to see why.

I love going to Caribbean Luxury Resorts

The Nature Discovery Center allows visitors to observe firsthand the island’s fascinating plant and animal life –humpback whales, sea turtles, exotic fish and fowl among the latter. Guided tours enlighten guests about the terrestrial wonders. Popular diversions at Amanyara include canoeing, kayaking, and snorkeling along the splendid coral reefs just beneath the glittering beach.

Good for your body as well as your spirit is the spa, comprised of four pavilions, where you can enjoy yoga, Pilates, or a variety of land-based sports. A rejuvenating massage is a tempting indulgence. This resort has so many choices.

More “refined” pursuits await you at the restaurant, bar and beach club, which offer fresh seafood, cool drinks and total relaxation. Nothing beats dining on deck while sipping a

my-tai –or whatever beverage you desire-  and watching the sun go down on the glistening horizon. What a great way to complete your day.

Maybe you’re wondering why I would want to escape to the British West Indies when Southwestern Florida offers me a similar lifestyle, and scenery as picturesque as any Caribbean destination. Because as much as I love running my vacation rentals business and greeting visitors from around the world, I need some down time, too!

Caribbean Luxury Resorts are the places to be!