Visit Atlanta Georgia

The Beautiful City of Atlanta!

I have visited Atlanta many times and loved it. The occasion is always different.  The beautiful fall leafs on magical colors was always a treat each time I came to Atlanta.  I used to go to Atlanta for IBBA conferences and like during the time when I was busy working in Real Estate.  Sometimes, I just would fly there for a day for ACDC or other concerts.  It was always a good trip.  My friends own a nice lake front home in Cumming, so there was always a nice place to stay and car waiting for me.

This one day trip was very special.  I flew to Atlanta only for 24 hours!  Visit Atlanta Georgia for a day?  How much can you pack in one 24 hour?

On my visit, I stayed at Ritz in Downtown and hang out at the local bars and restaurants. I cannot stop to mention over and over that I am a foodie!  The meal was tasty!

Atlanta aquarium was an amazing place to visit . . .  I was impress with it. It seems like the selection of big fish was there much better then in Los Angeles.  On this trip, I enjoy the blooming of the trees the most.  It is very rare treat to me, since most of my life I lived by the coast of Pacific, yet it was still a desert and Florida, where ever green lush dominates the environment.   It was a great pleasure to see the little leafs blooming . . .

24 hours was a great break that I needed from crazy and busy season in Florida. . .