Toronto is the largest city in Canada and one of the most populous in North America. It is recognized as an economically important and highly multicultural city in addition to being of great interest for tourists. In fact, Toronto is full of tourist activities of all kinds and is therefore an ideal destination for both families and couples or solo travelers.

The best-known site of interest is probably Toronto’s CN Tower. With two viewpoints about 350 and 450 meters above sea level, it offers stunning views of Toronto and Lake Ontario. The lowest bid observation point access to a glass floor in an outdoor gallery and the gourmet restaurant and panoramic 360, while the highest point possible, for good weather to see over 160 miles around. The CN Tower has a 3D cinema and a simulator ride that, with multimedia effects, plunges the viewer into a unique experience.

Canada’s Wonderland is also a landmark for tourists visiting Toronto. This amusement park is open from May to October, is very popular. With six roller coasters, some of which are among the highest and fastest in the world, its many attractions for children, water park, the dinosaur park, with its forty life-size dinosaurs, restaurants and shops and family attractions classics like the carousel and Ferris wheel, Canada’s Wonderland has everything you need to entertain adults and children. In addition, various special events such as fireworks and circus performances are presented during the summer.


The Toronto Zoo is also a great site for tourists. There is in this zoo over 5,000 animals representing 500 species. The site is divided by region of origin of the animals. There are seven zones: the Americas, Australia, Africa, Canada, tundra, Eurasia and Indo-Malaysia. Linked by a dozen kilometers of trails, these sections allow visitors to discover the international wildlife, sometimes in indoor tropical pavilions built or in natural outdoor spaces. All this, in addition to water games, other attractions and restaurants, makes the Toronto Zoo a place to visit.

There is also in the city of Toronto’s museums, including the Museum of Fine Arts and the Ontario Science Centre. It also has several shopping centers there, including the Eaton Centre. The latter, located in downtown Toronto, has over 230 stores and is the largest shopping center in the city. It is also found in Canada’s largest city theaters with various shows and many restaurants. For hot summer days, there are several beaches along the shores of Lake Ontario. Ferry services are offered to go to the Toronto Islands. On some of these, there are rides and restaurants in addition to some beaches.


Sports fans will also find their account in Toronto, because there are in the city stadium where we can watch football games, baseball, hockey, basketball and soccer professionals. For those wanting to see more, shuttle services offer transportation to the very popular tourist city of Niagara Falls, about half past one in Toronto.

In short, the City of Toronto offers a variety of activities of all kinds that will allow tourists to experience beautiful moments whatever their interests and is a destination of choice for all.