Tips for Travelers with Disabilities

Travel can be stressful at the best of times, but when you have to factor in a disability, getting from point A to point B can become that much more frustrating.

All Airlines are well equipped when it comes to a such matter. When flying with United, call the airline’s disability desk (800-228-2744) 48 hours in advance of travel if you’ll be traveling with an assistive device so they can ensure your device can be used in-flight. Delta is great! Depending on the type and age of the aircraft, accessible features of Delta’s fleet include movable aisle armrests, wheelchair stowage locations, on-board wheelchairs and, on larger airplanes, wheelchair-accessible lavatories. When making your reservation with American Airlines, let them know if you’ll need a wheelchair to get to your departure gate, and during your connection (if you have one). Contact the airline (1-800-JETBLUE) to add any special service you might need to an existing reservation. The more JetBlue knows about the type of assistance you need and the earlier you make your request, the more they can do to help make your flight and time at the airport as comfortable as possible. For example, if you’re not able to ascend or descend stairs, you should request special assistance with boarding and deplaning when you make your reservation so airport crew members can have the necessary equipment ready for you.

But What else can you do?

I was contacted by a gentlemen named, Mike offering me some great resources for the travelers with disabilities that I was thrilled to post on my site! It is so needed. I am in full health, but ones I was stuck in Cancun for three weeks and returned in wheel chairs to the United States, but that whole another story. Once I felt what it was like to depend on other people.

In today’s world, travel isn’t restrictive. Regardless of whether you’re fit and health, have a physical impairment, learning disability, or any other condition, there should be no excuse to avoid travelling. You’ll be able to visit even the most exotic of destinations to experience what our planet has to offer. Go to INSURANCEWITH to read a full coverage.

When travelling by plane, a good part of your trip is spent at airports. In fact, on many trips you spend more time at an airport than you do flying.  Read a full coverage in the FRIENDSHIPCIRCLE travel guide.

Tips for Traveling with Diabetes.

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