Ella in LA

A whirlwind week in LA winds to a close, and I’m left exhausted but exhilarated. In many ways, the City of Angels has a bad reputation – smog, traffic, poverty, crime- but if you know the right people and you go to the right places, you’ll have an incredible time. Half of my life was spent there, and I still think of the place as my second home. Being able to bounce back and forth between the East and West coasts is great!

People in California are more open-minded, and this is especially true in LA. Major social and political trends often get their starts here before sweeping eastward to the rest of the country. Granted, the rest of America doesn’t always follow suit, but the waves of change are definitely felt throughout the whole nation.

The legalization of medical marijuana first took root in California, and there is currently proposed legislation to allow recreational use of pot, also. Los Angeles is like a cross-section of the state, and views and opinions on this issue are reflected in the population. While I personally don’t indulge, I think that this is one more example of the tolerance and diversity that is found in this great city. In LA, you’re free to be yourself.

Venice Beach is the crown jewel of the Los Angeles area, and the spectacles, shows and colorful street performers rival those of Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. If you ever find yourself in Venice Beach, and I hope that you do, be sure to check out the remainder of the majestic,

110-year old canals that mimic the waterscape of the original Venice, take a leisurely stroll down the beautiful boardwalk, and sample some of the tasty fare. Check out the graffiti art wall near Oceanfront Walk. Make sure that you bring your camera or cell phone to capture some of the glamour and fanfare that make up one of the finest hotspots in the Los Angeles area.

What can I say about Beverly Hills? I love the adventurous, affluent lifestyle. While life can’t be all fun and games, at least a significant part can! As I mentioned already, knowing the right people is one of the key elements to having the best LA experience possible. I belong to private clubs, and have lots of contacts, both professional and personal. If you want a taste of this lifestyle, check out the following link on my website, for Cinema Suites Los Angeles Bed and Breakfast: Cinema Suites BnB

Some of my best friends are still in LA, and seeing them again was wonderful. In addition to wild parties and lively shows, I spent quality time just visiting with the old gang, and catching up on everything. Shopping excursions and a complete makeover where also highlights of my vacation. The only downside to the whole trip was the jetlag, which I tried unsuccessfully to counter with lots of chocolate and vodka. This just made the bedroom spin!

I love to travel! Maybe you do, too?