Terms and Conditions


At Ella’s Vacation Rentals, we want guests to feel like they are at home when they stay with us.  Suggestions for improving the Ella’s Vacation Rentals guest experience are welcomed by the management.

We are available 24/7-365 in case of emergency or concern

In case of life threatening emergency call 911

By renting of this home or any rooms of this home, you agree to the following:

We are the Management Company, the property Owner, reservationists, booking agents, travel agents, tour operators, or the Homeowner Reps do not accept any responsibility for any accident, injury, illness, damage, weather conditions, acts of nature or death sustained to any person authorized or unauthorized to enter the property regardless of cause, in addition to lost, stolen, or items left behind.  You agree (per this section) to this policy by voluntary checking into the rental property.

By booking the house, guests agree as an express obligation (per this section) to pay for all the damages or loses for this property caused by guests.  We reserve the right to charge for repairs or replacement required due to damage or breakage caused by a guest.

SMOKING is not permitted inside the dwelling.  Please be aware that there is a $500 cleaning fee for violating our smoking policy.  There are no exceptions.  Our smoking guests are welcome to smoke outside in the Lanai Room where ashtray are provided.

NO PETS are allowed inside the dwelling and / or on the property. There are several pet hotels are in Fort Myers.

We are not responsible for lost or stolen property.

We reserve the right to refuse entrance or service to parties that appear to be intoxicated, or who are disruptive and rude to our stuff members or guests.

Check in time is 4:00 pm and check out time is before 11:00 am.

……….a.)  If the room is ready earlier we are happy to welcome you earlier.

……….b.)  If we don’t have guests arriving to the house on the day of your departure we are happy to extend our check out to accommodate a late flight or some additional beach time.

……….c.)  If a guest fails to vacate the room, we are entitled to bill him or her for another day’s stay.

……….d.)  In the event that Ella’s Vacation Rentals has already reserved this room for the check out date and the guest fails to vacate the room, or is not present, then Ella’s Vacation Rentals reserves the right to store the guest’s possessions in a safe place so that the room can be used by the guest for whom it has been reserved.

We reserve the right to refuse entrance or We reserve 10:00 pm – 9:00am as quiet time at the Ella’s Vacation Rentals.  Guests are to observe reasonable peace and quite; they are not to disturb the other guests accommodated at Ella’s Vacation Rentals.

Maximum Occupancy in the homes is from 4 to 14 persons, depending on the dwelling that you are staying in.  Standard County Occupancy regulations typically allows 2 persons per bedroom, 2 on sleeper sectional in guest room, and 2 on sleeper sectional in living room.

10. Rates are based on 1-2 people per room per each bedroom.   Additional guests that are staying on sleeper sectional are charged at $20.00 per person per night.

11. Guests are to report lost keys immediately to the management.

12. Per arrival, you would be provided a code for the lock box, where you will find the keys from the home.  The code is changed by the housekeeper every time after guest’s departure.

13. The keys are required to lock the door on our way out.  Guests are asked to place keys into the mail box by the front door upon departing.  Failure to turn in the keys will incur a $50.00 charge to re key locks and have keys cut.  You may alternatively ask a staff person to see you out and turn in the keys to the staff if one is present.

14. For security reasons, it is not appropriate to leave children under 10 years of age without adult supervision in the rooms or other areas on the premises.

15. Unless you are a law enforcement professional, there are no firearms allowed at Oceanic Blue Retreats or in any cars that are parked in our parking lot.

16. Please remember to keep your windows and doors closed when using your air conditioner or heater.

17. Guests may not move furnishings, or interfere with the electrical network or any other installations in the rooms or on the premises of Ella’s Vacation Rentals without the consent of the management.

18. In special cases, Ella’s Vacation Rentals may offer a guest accommodation other than that which has been arranged, if it does not differ substantially from that which was stipulated in the confirmed booking.

19. Free service provided by Ella’s Vacation Rentals such as Wi-Fi and satellite TV are subject to normal service.  We cannot be held responsible for whatever reason for interruption of these services, although we will endeavor to provide these services without interruption.

20. Beach chairs, towels, coolers and beach cruisers are provided complimentary for our guests.    All items must be returned in the good conditions.

21. Ella’s Vacation Rentals are not responsible for all or any misquotes, sand bugs, fire ant, gnats bites.  It is strongly suggested not to lie down on the sand when the sun is going down or to step inside of the fire ant mountain. 

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