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Visit Panama! ~ Central America is a unique place

Visit Panama! Once again, I just got back from my travels.  Tired, JetLag, load of work piled in…the usual feeling after you get home. Nevertheless, the trip was amazing. The trill of Canopy Zip line at Colon, Panama was worth of traveling to. This ZIp Line rapidly gaining a reputation throughout Panama as one of the finest canopy tour sites operating in the country.  Yet, it was a very private excursion.  There were no tourists.  The adventure tour is made up of 9 marine-grade 3/8in stainless steel cables and 12 galvanized steel platforms.  My favorite cable was, obviously, the fourth cable, which is the longest at almost 225 meters (738ft) long and ranging from 25 to 30 meters (80-100ft) high. The green lush, gorgeous trees were surrounding the cable.


sky-zipline-canopy-tourIt was hot tropical weather and the brutal mosquitoes were on the hunt for the fresh blood.  There were also hundreds of other bugs names of which I did not even know, flying around ….  Nature, Adventure and Rainforest…

Visit Panama.  There is something for everyone.

If one wants to go to the beach, there are tons of beautiful beaches with different color of sand, white, black, pink, and gold..covered in shells, hermit crabs, and other cool finds washed onto the shore.  The beauty is that Panama is located where Pacific Ocean and Caribbean seas are meet.  The beaches are deserted enough to satisfy even the most extreme Robinson Crusoe fantasies.The Panama canal is actually fresh water, or at least some parts of it.

Visit Panama for its unique environment.  The indigenous culture fascinates me the most.  There’s no better way to understand Panama’s indigenous roots than via dugout canoe up the Chagres River, where you’ll pass thatch houses woven deep into the jungle before arriving at Emberra village, home to one of nine major indigenous groups in the country.

Here some photography that I did while I was visiting Panama

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Visit Panama, Real Time Travel.

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Visit Panama

South Beach Florida

South Beach Florida

Living my entire life is fast paste life, I often found South Beach Florida as a must stop destination even if it was for a day swimming or an evening dinner.  Normally, I would head out to Caribbean, but this time it was South America.  Last minute reservation at Betsy was a great pick.  The trip to South America was spur of the moment and the hotel looked lovely online.  The place is beautifully decorated with an intimate feel. The staff was courteous, friendly and well dressed.  The location was perfect, right on Ocean Drive, steps from the park and beach, but several blocks away from the noisiest, most congested part of the deco district. The rooftop deck offers a great view, again away from the crowds, perfect for early morning coffee or an evening cocktail.

Betsy is South Beach Florida

Betsy is South Beach Florida

Most of my South Beach Florida stops were last minute decision, hotel wise. All of them were unique and beautiful.  Betcy was perfect because it was a calm and classy place, which did not bring up the urge to party, like I normally do when I am in South Beach Florida.  This time, I had to safe all my energy for my up coming trip to South America.

“Situated at the edge of the Atlantic, The Betsy – South Beach is a refined, beachside haven located in the heart of South Beach and the only Forbes Four Star and AAA Four Diamond boutique hotel on Miami Beach” – taken off the Hotels Website.

Yes, the description is very accurate and I absolutely enjoyed my time and rested …

Betsy in South Beach Florida

Betsy in South Beach Florida

The Betsy Hotel is very quaint and peaceful in South Beach Florida.  It will be definitely a repeat destination to visit on way to the islands…

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