Welcome to Personal Concierge service

Many do think that that to have the personal concierge or the lifestyle manager cost tons or those services are only for an elite clientele.  True that, many companies to operate in a such fashion.  At Ella’s Vacation Rentals, we run the business a little bit different.  We are open for each and every and will work with your needs and your budget.  You do not have to be an elite or the privileged to be treated with respect.  Every one in this life can use a helping hand.

Message from the founder, Ella: My mission is to offer our you the most precious commodity that is your TIME. Everything is this life is replaceable, money, relationships, you loose – you gain. Only one thing you cannot get back is YOUR TIME. What do you do when you need another you?

VIP Concierge Club caters to Naples, Miami, Fort Myers Beach, Cape Coral, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and so on.  We do have some abroad connections, so you are in good hands.  Please drop us a quick e-mail and let us know of your needs.