Blue is my favorite color, symbolizing to me a myriad of lofty ideals, such as faith, trust, confidence, truth and above all, loyalty.

“I have a loyalty that runs in my bloodstream, when I lock into someone or something, you can’t get me away from it because I commit that thoroughly. That’s in friendship, that’s a deal, that’s a commitment. Don’t give me paper –I can get the same lawyer who drew it up to break it. But if you shake my hand, that’s for life.”

Jerry Lewis

Life is full of broken promises and shattered dreams. This is why I cherish honor and loyalty so highly, for they have a value which far supersedes any material wealth or worldly fame. You cannot take your fortune with you after you’re gone, and while celebrities or similar individuals might linger in the public’s memory for a while, a legacy founded on honesty and forthrightness is far more desirable. 

One’s word, sometimes reinforced with a handshake, used to be binding. In this cynical age, values have changed for the worse. Many would look at you askance if you told them that loyalty and trust are more valuable than “the almighty dollar.”

My values are different. I attribute much of my success to my adherence to the aforementioned principles. Yes, I possess a good mind, shrewd business sense and a solid education, but so do many other individuals who struggle for years and ultimately fail. Doing what you love is important. I pursued my passion, my dream of not only living in Paradise, but parceling out units of Paradise for visitors from all over the world to enjoy. I was and continue to be open and fair in all of my dealings, and to treat my guests like family.

People define success differently. I define success in life as being happy. I have achieved that. Are you happy? How do you define success?