Fort Myers Beach Transportation

Fort Myers Beach Transportation

fort myers beach transportation

I get a lot of enquiries wondering about the transportation; Fort Myers Beach transportation, Fort Myers transportation, etc. 

Getting Around:

DownTown Fort Myers: It is residential area. Car is necessary. About 15 min from Fort Myers Airport

Fort Myers Beach: Car is recommended, but not necessary.  There is a trolley that is very cheap if you need to go grocery shopping and do not feel like to cary the groceries home.

Paradise House: Royal Blue Beach Suite, Aqua beach Suite and Sky Blue Beach Suite are about 1 mile from Time Square, where there is a busy night life. It is easy 10 to 15 min walking distance. The restaurants, shops, bars, etc are located in between where you are staying and the Time Square. The beach is 7 houses down and about 3 minutes walk.

Pink Shell House: Ocean Level Beach Suite, Coral Reef Beach Suite and Blue Ray Beach Escape are about 3.5 miles away from Time Square.  Trolley stop is near by.  There a recouple of restaurants/bars in walking distance a couple of blocks away, but the activities and night life are closer to Time Square.  The beach is 50 steps away, two houses down. You can see the water right after you park your car at the property. About 30 min from Fort Myers Airport

Cape Coral: It is residential area. Car is necessary. About 20 min from Fort Myers Airport

Smokey Mountains in Whittier, North Carolina: You are in the forest.  Car is necessary, any car is OK, 4 wheeler is not necessary.  Often, I take my low ride Lexus on the dirt roads there and it goes just fine, even in the rain.


Fort Myers International Airport

Enterprise Rent-A-Car   (239) 332-4558
2509 Fowler St Fort Myers, FL

You can always get a taxi that will take you from the airport to your accommodation.  I personally use Pam Taxi.  239-234-4343  The taxi drivers drive as if it was New York City or the mother Russia.  The drivers are knowledgeable about the area; they fast, aggressive, safe and professional.

As you arrive to your accommodation, welcome to use public transportation. Here is a bit more information about it

You can call LeeTran on (239) LEE-TRAN (533-8726) and I’m sure they would be happy to answer any questions you have.

Trolley Fare Details:

The fares below reflect only cash fares and only for the trolley. 

Single Ride: $0.50

Senior Single Ride: $0.25

All Day Pass: $1.50

3-Day Pass: $3.00

Passes are available to purchase online at or you can pick them up from any Publix grocery store, which are all over the place. There is one on the island, and a number in both Bonita Springs and south Fort Myers on the way to the beach.

During peak tourism times, traffic onto and off the island can be very congested, and it can be much faster to ride the trolley as once it reaches the bridge at the north end of Estero Island, it has a dedicated trolley lane.

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 4.22.52 PM




Bike or scooter maybe another alternative way to get around the island.  The best way to experience the natural beauty of Fort Myers Beach is from the seat of your own bike. Fun Rentals offers the most complete, best maintained fleet of bikes that you’ll find anywhere!


1901 Estero blvd, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931



1149 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931



One Day $18
Two Days $24
Three Days $29
Four Days $34
One Week $45
Two Weeks $69
One Month $99

Daytime (9am – 5pm)
Twilight Special (4pm – 10am
24 Hours (Overnight)
Three Day, Two Night Special
One Week Special

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