Ford’s Garage Sports Bar

Ford’s Garage Sports Bar

I always have a great lunch: French Onion Soup and Ice Cold Beer on a Hot Summer Day.

Ford’s Garage Sports Bar in Downtown Fort Myers is a great and convenient place to have food, lunch, dinner or just a drink.  What can be better then a nice menu of ice cold beer during hot Florida seasons?  180+ craft beers.  How many places can beat that? The place is clean with  a fast service.  There is always a place to sit down at the bar!  This place is a must visit place.  It is about less then two miles from Oceanic Blue Retreats house.  It can be a walking distance for those who love to walk, but for most probably a car would be a better way to downtown.  There is always a plenty of free or in expensive parking around.  Here is downtown Fort Myers…

downtown fort myers_1_sm

Ford’s Garage Sport’s Bar

2207 First Street, Fort Myers, FL 33901
(239) 332-3673

fords garage

The bathrooms at the place are great design wise.  It is always fun times trying to figure out how are the sinks work after a few beers.  It is a definitely a conversation ice breaker!

Here is the shot!

fords garage


The theme is the legacy of Henry Ford, who wintered with Thomas Edison in Ft. Myers. The burgers are very good and are named after prominent people from the area.   I love food, I love those excellent burgers that they serve! The burgers are huge!   Ford’s Garage Sports Bar is a very unique place.  I love the atmosphere and decor of the Ford’s Garage in downtown Fort Myers. Our service was very good; the waitress was attentive but not intrusive.  Some times, I order lobster mac and cheese that is delicious.   On occasion I bring my friends there.  My dining companions were similarly pleased with their meals.

American casual cousin.

See you there,