Florida Property Development

Where else can you still find the affordable properties to live or to invest into?  Believe it or not, there are still lots that are sold at  $3,000 to $10,000.  The price to get in is inexpensive, but what about the area?  The area was in the high of it market great where the homes were sold for half of the million dollars!  But what about now?

I have a four bedroom home that is about to come on the vacation rental market that perfect for family reunions.  We all know that many parents are come to retire to Florida, but when all the children and relatives come to visit where would they all stay?  There are tons of the rentals at the beach, but they are all small in square footage and most will not fit comfortably the large family.  Most importantly, we all know what at the beach the rates are hight.  So inland is the answer!
The traditional big home will be perfect for extra large families. It will be the least expensive way to have a vacation.  There is a kitchen and the dining area that can sit the entire family for the Thanksgiving and or Christmas or any holiday that you may want to get together with your extended family.  Now every one can afford the vacation of their life time.  It will be only 40 min from the beach, but much closer to all the state parks and everglades.  By renting inland, the family can have the beauty of both worlds, the beach and the world knows everglades.  can’t wait to put hat home on Vacation Rental Market.

The new, spacious four bedroom home will start the first stage on its remodeling in by the end of March and will be on the market by September 2016!  It would have being completed sooner, but who doe snot want to take summer off to go on boat trips and other states to enjoy her own vacation ?! 🙂