Sea View Beach Suite

You can see from the photographs that both the interior and exterior of Sea View Beach Suite are flawlessly designed and decorated. The white and blue motif emulates the pristine beach and the gentle, azure surf that make Fort Myers one of the most sought-out travel destinations in the country. Would you rather freeze in the chilly and harsh northern winters or retreat to a kinder, gentler climate? That’s a no-brainer!

Sea View Beach Suite is part of a two-story quadraplex that looks out over a quaint courtyard and a pair of majestic, 100 year-old trees. A modest garden is sprinkled with tropical plants. You can unwind on the spacious deck and bask in the sun’s blissful rays. (There is also ample shade, if necessary). Recline with a cool, fresh glass of orange juice, a cup of tea or coffee, or a beverage with a little more punch. And what could be better than grilling fish or steaks on the barbecue while quaffing a cold beer?

This posh place is appointed with all of the modern and necessary appurtenances- stainless steel refrigerator, stove, microwave, coffee machine, pots, pans, new plumbing fixtures, sinks, faucets and granite counter tops. Stylish designer furniture from El Dorado company completes the comfort and luxury of this suite. The décor has a South Beach feel. For your personal needs I have supplied plenty of clean, crisp linens and towels. You don’t even have to worry about tidying up before you go home; I charge a small fee for a cleaning crew to take care of all that.

If you want a little more of the great outdoors, nearby Lovers Key State Park offers a wide variety of flora and fauna, as well as opportunities for hiking, canoeing or kayaking. Photographers amateur and professional will find no shortage of picture possibilities. Hobnob with dolphins, blue crabs, herring birds, pelicans, manatees and bald eagles. Guided tours of the 712-acre park are available.

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