Florida Investment Property

Your Florida Investment Property is in good hands. Ella’s Vacation Rentals manages properties in South West Florida and North Carolina for year round holiday rentals accommodation. We offer a very personalized service to both owner and guests and manage all aspects involved in presenting your property as a beautiful Holiday Rental. Our focus is on outstanding customer service for our guests ensuring all our accommodation is highly maintained and presented to the highest standard. Owners wishing to list their holiday rentals with us will need to ensure that they are prepared to keep up maintenance of their property but can be assured of strong bookings year round based on a loyal customer base.

Ella being to over 40 countries herself and knows a lot when it comes to the aspects travel.  I know what the traveler wants, expects and how to deal with one in most efficient way.  How many realtors that you know have traveled that extensively?

Ella held Real Estate Broker’s License for many years in Los Angeles, California and is very experienced when it comes to the Real Estate Market and Real Estate Investment.

Often, Ella has being called Social Media Influencier.   Ella excels when it comes to Marketing and Sales.   In our day and age, the question is not if you have or do not have Social Media Representation, the question is how good it is.  If you do not have strong Social Media Presence, sooner or later you would be beat by the competitors who do.  Advertising and Marketing is very expensive and a lot of Real Estate and / or Property Management companies luck the skills and the funds to invest into the proper On Line Representation.   Our world moves toward the Internet more and more every day.  Ella has a Strong On Line presence and your property would be put up up there to generate you the high return.  As, it was said, your Florida Investment Property is in good hands.  Please strong down and click on the Social Media Icon to conduct your own due diligence.  There is a reason that the property that Ella represents are booked on “No season” at the high price!

The time of Realtor Signs and Phones are over. Welcome to 2015 communication. If you are not properly represented on line, you are not in business. Even your child is texting or posting on Facebook.  Let’s get with the time…and contact Ella!

Please contact Ella to discuss if your property is suitable.


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