Ella’s Vacation Rental’s one year in business

This blog entry is just an announcement to all my confirmed guest and the visitors in general.  Unfortunately, this site looks always incomplete, for it is like anything in this life in the progress of it’s development and betterment.  I simply giving you my apology is some pages are not complete or if some of the links are broken.  On June 26th, 2016, I will be celebrating one year anniversary of Ella’s Vacation Rentals.  It has being a bit difficult year as well as the best year of my life.  Nothing can compare with the work being well paid off by thousands of happy guests’s smiles!

Moving to Florida was a hard decision, it was new territory, new people, new projects and new life.  One of my brand is I LIKE JOURNEY, or at least what most know me on all the social media networks.  Life is all about Journey!  Journey never stops!

I am working hard to make this site better every day and useful to my guests!  The independent travelers have so many questions about the area, about the process and about the Gulf Coast of Mexico, about their host, me.  This site is very informative.  I want my guests to feel comfortable not only physically in the accommodation that they reserve, but mentally as well.  It is important to know what they are getting for they money! Unlike a hotel with private accommodations it is hard to know what to expect, especially for the travelers who are not as experienced.

Every day, I am working on adding more properties on my site and one the market.  Often I have availability, but no time to put a new property on the market and my loyal customers are always get the priority and reserve the stay in high demand season!

Again, I am sorry for the site to be not all that perfect…

Very Truly Yours,


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