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Ella’s  Vacation Rentals manages properties in South West Florida and North Carolina for year round holiday rentals accommodation. We offer a very personalized service to both owner and guests and manage all aspects involved in presenting your property as a beautiful Holiday Rental. Our focus is on outstanding customer service for our guests ensuring all our accommodation is highly maintained and presented to the highest standard. Owners wishing to list their holiday rentals with us will need to ensure that they are prepared to keep up maintenance of their property but can be assured of strong bookings year round based on a loyal customer base.

Please contact us on 626 788 ELLA to discuss if your property is suitable.

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Fort Myers Beach Vacation

Fort Myers Beach

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Fort Myers beach has being a travel destination for many visitors from all over the world.   Fort Myers beach offers sun all year around.  Northern American visitors love to come down during the winter and stay by the warm waters while it is snowing and frizzing at home.  Europeans take adventures of the low off season rates for the vacation rental beach properties. Hey, can’t beat $50 per night rate!?  Come on Aussi, Germans, French and Russians, you know that.  Most Europeans travel during the summer.

Fort Myers Beach has tons to offer to all the ages, lifestyles and personalities.  Tell me who doe snot like to ocean and the beach?   Iced cold beer is sold in near by bars and restaurants.  There are oysters and good quality sea food are offered on every corner.  Please try the local dishes.  South Western hospitality welcomes you to sunny Florida.

So stop reading this, look at your calendar, call us and book your well deserved vacation.  Enjoy your life!

OceanicBlueRetreats has everything you need to make your vacation the best vacation in your life.  The state of the art kitchen that is fully equipped with the essentials.  Not only there are cappuccino  machines, stainless steel blenders, but coffees, teas, sugar and creamers are there.  We thought of everything, all those little things that make you stay so much more comfortable.  Many rooms have all 100% leather furniture, granite showers and counters.   The European modern design right near the ocean.

What is that you want to do on your vacation? swim, fish, eat, tan, build sand castle, take a ride of the boat, bird watch, share a nice grail of wine, relax, read a book….  What doe syou heart desire?

All the best and wear sun block!


Fort Myers renovations are Finally complete!

Down Town Fort Myers!


The renovation of the Downtown Fort Myers are finally complete. Everything was completely replaced. The brand new kitchen cabinets that are stocked with teas, coffees, creamers, and all the other necessities that the customers may need. The four bedroom house was painted inside and out in a fresh Florida colors. After all it is South Western Retreat! Brand new and high quality furniture is perfectly placed for guest’s comfort. The house is all in tile. It is sanitary clean!

The house is located one mile from Down town. It is perfect for every occasion. European students, who are driving cross country are welcomes. The place has 5 large beds and a huge living room with large sectional sofa! Are you a large family that most houses can’t fit, but looking to travel on the budget? Welcome! Are you planning an event and would love to have a 1,000 sq ft room? The place is yours! There is a place for all!

Enjoy the South Western Retreat!


Off Season Discount Travel

Off Season Discount Travel is the great way to have a a nice vacation at the best possible value that is out there.

At Oceanic Blue Retreats, we offer great deals on our rooms and the gourmet breakfast is included in the rate of the room.  Oceanic Blue retreats offer $15 per night per room deal.  No other Bed & Breakfast offers that rate.  $15 room promotion was designed for the adults who are traveling with children.  In the event of the parents want to have the privacy in their room, the room for their kids is available at the symbolic price.  In many restaurants the breakfast will cost $15.  In this case, the breakfast for kids is included in the price of the room.

off season discount traveloff season discount travel

Off Season Discount travel is also great because the room for the adults are also rented at the lesser rate.  For example our Sage room, which we call economy room is rented at $49 per night.  For that price, the guest get to access all the living areas of the spacious house, enjoy the entertainment room and be able to com anything in our large kitchen.

Oceanic Blue Retreats welcomes you to have a nice vacation at the best possible cost.



Florida Weather

florida weather


Fort Myers has a year-round warm, monsoon – influenced climate that is close to the boundary between tropical and subtropical climates, and is classified as humid subtropical and tropical climate. Fort Myers has short, warm winters, and long, hot, humid summers, with most of the year’s rainfall falling from June to September.  Fort Myers leads the nation in the number of days annually in which a thunderstorm is close enough for thunder to be heard.  

365 days of sunshine, 365 days of beautiful sunsets, 365 days of warm ocean and perfect weather.  I call it paradise!