Toronto is the largest city in Canada and one of the most populous in North America. It is recognized as an economically important and highly multicultural city in addition to being of great interest for tourists. In fact, Toronto is full of tourist activities of all kinds and is therefore an ideal destination for both families and couples or solo travelers.

The best-known site of interest is probably Toronto’s CN Tower. With two viewpoints about 350 and 450 meters above sea level, it offers stunning views of Toronto and Lake Ontario. The lowest bid observation point access to a glass floor in an outdoor gallery and the gourmet restaurant and panoramic 360, while the highest point possible, for good weather to see over 160 miles around. The CN Tower has a 3D cinema and a simulator ride that, with multimedia effects, plunges the viewer into a unique experience.

Canada’s Wonderland is also a landmark for tourists visiting Toronto. This amusement park is open from May to October, is very popular. With six roller coasters, some of which are among the highest and fastest in the world, its many attractions for children, water park, the dinosaur park, with its forty life-size dinosaurs, restaurants and shops and family attractions classics like the carousel and Ferris wheel, Canada’s Wonderland has everything you need to entertain adults and children. In addition, various special events such as fireworks and circus performances are presented during the summer.


The Toronto Zoo is also a great site for tourists. There is in this zoo over 5,000 animals representing 500 species. The site is divided by region of origin of the animals. There are seven zones: the Americas, Australia, Africa, Canada, tundra, Eurasia and Indo-Malaysia. Linked by a dozen kilometers of trails, these sections allow visitors to discover the international wildlife, sometimes in indoor tropical pavilions built or in natural outdoor spaces. All this, in addition to water games, other attractions and restaurants, makes the Toronto Zoo a place to visit.

There is also in the city of Toronto’s museums, including the Museum of Fine Arts and the Ontario Science Centre. It also has several shopping centers there, including the Eaton Centre. The latter, located in downtown Toronto, has over 230 stores and is the largest shopping center in the city. It is also found in Canada’s largest city theaters with various shows and many restaurants. For hot summer days, there are several beaches along the shores of Lake Ontario. Ferry services are offered to go to the Toronto Islands. On some of these, there are rides and restaurants in addition to some beaches.


Sports fans will also find their account in Toronto, because there are in the city stadium where we can watch football games, baseball, hockey, basketball and soccer professionals. For those wanting to see more, shuttle services offer transportation to the very popular tourist city of Niagara Falls, about half past one in Toronto.

In short, the City of Toronto offers a variety of activities of all kinds that will allow tourists to experience beautiful moments whatever their interests and is a destination of choice for all.


South West Florida

Welcome to South West Florida

south west florida

I always try to follow only one rule-perfect location, for picking my subsequent vacation. Through this aspect, the last travel that I made in southwest Florida ended up being exceptional. The Southwest Florida is the finest stunning location for vacation destination due to its sandy beaches, clean water, relaxed weather, and enchanted natural environments.

I was completely thrilled as well as charmed to find out, on my very first trip to this oceanic location several months ago, that the ecological explorations of Southwest Florida, was also a rich tone natural luxury. I guess tourism in this natural and fascinated location is contributing the country’s economy broadly.

It’s obvious that numerous seasonal residents as well as intelligent investors turn to Southwest Florida due to its natural wonder, comfortable weather, clear sea water and white sandy beach for their next vacation home. In Southwest Florida, you can present your family members the nice beaches, breathtaking natural wonder, access to entertaining activities, quality amenities, golf courses and safe communities.

Due to hot atmosphere, South West Florida is a well-liked tourist location for all aged people, despite the weather of South west Florida is tempered sometimes by the truth that absolute no region of South west Florida is actually far away from the sea.

Many recreational areas, amazing eco-destinations, miles of ocean and bird shelters are the most features of South west Florida. You can offer never-ending opportunity for the nature enthusiast in yours-like hearing the tweet of different birds- Palm Warblers, egrets, Woodpecker, herons, Ibises and pelicans, and, hatching of sea tortoises.

There are miles of beaches in Southwest Florida which can fulfill your longing for nature lover in you. On my short journey in Southwest Florida, I didn’t forget to take the smell of the beaches of Fort Myer, Bonita, Sarasota, Naples and Bradenton.

When you’re trying to find entertaining in the sunshine, there is certainly lots to be enjoyed on the beach around the Ft Myers spot. You’ll take pleasure in white-sand beaches, environmental explorations, artistic spot, and luxurious market places and high standard restaurants. I think you’ll say I am in love with the Fort Myer Beach.

I always dream of a vacation on the Bonita beaches. My dream has been coming into true. If you’ve never seen a sea sunset, Bonita must not let down you. Bonita beach is the dream for not only me but also all the tourists who desire to excavate their toes into the warmness of Florida seashore. Another wonder of nature that may be you will be able to see the frequently hatching of tortoises.

south west florida

Indeed, southwest Florida most likely presents the finest possibility of finding what you are always dreamed of. Southeast Florida is always charming and an exact location what you look for when the anxiety of snowfall and freezing weather conditions get the finest of you. Southwest Florida here is all you expect to re- gain your spirit!

Private Island Useppa

I love traveling and do it very time I get an opportunity.  This weekend, my destination was Private Island Useppa.

Private Island Useppa is one mile long and a third of a mile wide.  Yet it manages to host hundreds of exquisite creatures and inimitable landscape.  I was walking down the pass way surrounded  by the archways of banyan trees, and many beautiful and  exotic flowers and other tropical vegetation, The truly tropical island, the smell, the colors, the sooting sound of the waters surrounding the land…all was perfect.  It reminded me one of my childhood dreams when I was dreaming to find myself on the deserted island full of lash of tropics and here I was!

oceanic blue retreats

The only way you can get to this private island of Useppa is only by the boat or a ferry.  From day one, Useppa has been the premier private home port and fabulous destination for the cruising yachtsman on the west coast of Florida.

The island is very small however there is so much to do!

Do you like to fish?   If this is what yo unlike to do you will find some of the world’s finest tarpon, snook, and redfish angling, which is easily accessible by boat and yacht or fishing kayaks which we have for rent at Joseffa’s store.  Fishing charters are also available near private island Useppa.

private island useppa

Do you like to go Kayaking?  Great! During your stay on the island you will have the opportunity to visit the islands and beaches by kayaking!

private island useppa_5

Maybe you feel like Croquet or Tennis?  The beautiful Florida sunshine and breeze makes for an ideal venue for those activities.

Cayo Costa State Park is only a boat ride away from Useppa Island.  Taking a day trip to the park is a fun way to explore more of this hidden oasis. The 2,426 acre park has nine miles of pristine beach and is known as a Gulf Cost paradise.  Yet the island of  Useppa is not too bad itself.  The  surrounding beauty truly impressed me.  The huge trees were on left and right.

private island useppa_2

I think this was one of my favorite times on the island.  I was mesmerized by the massive size and stable grounding on a such small island.  Those trees stood strong during the hurricanes!

And Here is me on the tree!   My friend Ryan took this picture for me.  My passion is photography.  I took tons of more pictures, which can be viewed on my Instagram:

private island useppa_1


Poland is above all the charm of a country faithful to its traditions: religious fervor is one of the most important aspects of a stay in Warsaw or Krakow.

But that’s not all: the local cuisine, the colorful houses of the cities center and varied architecture in Poland still deserve at least a week.

Slavic tradition is still very present in Poland. Dance, music and architecture prove every day that two world wars and 40 years of Soviet presence and influence have not removed their culture to the Poles.  I was not impressed with Poland.  The life there was slow, not innovative.

I did like the beautiful fields of poppy flowers.


It is for this atmosphere that is just in Poland, but also for its lush forests, mountains and clear lakes.

Entered the Polish territory on presentation of a passport or a national card (for citizens of the European Union).
transport network
Airports in Warsaw and Krakow
Warsaw and Krakow are served by regular flights from Paris.

Airport Warsaw Frederic Chopin: To get to the city center, take the bus 175 direction “dworzec Gdanski” (30 minutes).

John Paul II International Airport Kraków-Balice: several bus lines connecting the center of Krakow: lines 292, 208 and 602 (night bus)

The bus is probably the easiest way to travel in Poland many lines joining the main tourist attractions of the country from the big cities. This is also an opportunity, why not, to become acquainted with the Poles.

A trip to Frederic Chopin Airport in Warsaw

Frederic Chopin Airport in Warsaw is located at Okecie International Airport in the district of Warsaw, Poland. It is also called Okecie Airport, its previous name, before it was renamed after the famous Polish composer, former resident of Warsaw.

It is the largest and most modern airport in Poland.
It handles 50% of the country’s passenger traffic and has hosted nearly 10 million passengers in 2010.
The airport handles one hundred regular flights daily with more than thirty airlines. London, Frankfurt, Paris and Amsterdam are the main international destinations and Krakow, Wroclaw and Gdansk, the main domestic destinations.

The airport has three terminals: two for passengers and one for freight.
transport network

     by bus

– Bus 148: Airport – Ursynów – Praga
Hours: daily from 4:35 ET 10:35 p.m.
– Bus 175: Airport – Center
Hours: daily from 4:58 ET 11:27 p.m.
– Bus 188: Airport – Center (Politechnika Metro station) – Praga South (Wiatraczna)
Hours: all day between 4:43 ET 11:13 p.m.
– Bus 575: Airport – Metro Station Wilanowska
Hours: daily from 4:49 ET 10:49 p.m.
– Night bus N32: Airport – Central Station
Hours: daily from 11:09 p.m. ET 4:39

Taxi: from / to the airport and the city center of Warsaw

Dry Tortugas Travel

Dry Tortugas is a tranquil retreat of South West Florida

dry tortuga
and off we go to Dry Turtugas  Summers are very good for going into the seas.  Dry Tortugas is located in the Gulf of Mexico and about 70 miles south from Key West.  The place is pretty private, since the only way you can get there is by the a good size boat.  It illuminates all the noise and dirt that tourist normally generate.  Going to Dry Tortugas over the summers was a nice treat. Coming out from the pollution and smog of the Los Angeles, I sure appreciated it even more.  A such clean air, inhale – exhale… Life is beautiful

dry tortugas

We did not fish near Dry Tortugas, but got some fish on a way there.  Nothing can be more tasty then to have a BBQ, right on the boat and eat fresh fish and lobsters, chasing it with ice cold beer.

The currents are very strong in those waters and the boats are constantly are getting of their parking places, but we did not crush.  The sleeping at night there under millions of the stars was one of the best experiences in my life.  The ocean breeze was still warm and felt great on the skin.

dry torgugas
Swimming and snorkeling is highly encouraged.  Even the barracudas are chilled, so are the people in the water.  I saw this nice barracuda and screamed out loud that there was one, but not one single person got out of the water.  Neither did I.  We did not have barracuda for diner, but this is what we had:

dry tortugas lobster

Yes, life is beautiful.  After driving from Los Angeles for 40 hours and stopping only once to sleep, going to Dry Tortugas to rest and heal was a great idea.  I have visited Dry Tortugas four times over the summer and each time is was a uniques experience. It is hard to describe in the words all the beauty of that place.  It shall be a must visit place for all the travelers that are going to Key West.

Soviet Georgia – it was a great state

Soviet Georgia is probably one of the best experiences in my life.

საქართველოს კულტურის ღრმა ფესვები ჩემი პერსონა. ამ ტიპის საცხოვრებელი არასოდეს არ იქნება წაართვეს ჩემთვის . კავკასიის მთებში კანონები და სამართლიანობა და ჭეშმარიტი ადამიანის ბუნება გაიმარჯვებს. ძველი პატივს სცემენ. ახალგაზრდული მიღებული ზრუნვა . პატივისცემა ნომერ პირველი პრიორიტეტია. თქვენ შეიძლება იღუპება , მაგრამ იძლევა თქვენი ბოლო ნაჭერი პური , ვინც სჭირდება …

ლამაზი tbilis, მენატრება იმდენად. ჩემი სახლი, ჩემი ხალხი, ჩემი ახალგაზრდობა, ჩემი მკვდარი სამეზობლოში. მე ტირილი შესახებ, ლამაზი ქვეყანაა დღემდე . საქართველო, ლამაზი ქვეყანაა, თქვენ ყოველთვის ჩემს გულში , ლამაზი საქართველოში.

Soviet Georgia is definitely gives you the lessons that are very useful in the future life.

The country went throughout many changes.  It is located in between Europe and Asia, between North of Christian cultures and South Muslim cultures.  The country consisted of more then 80 different nationalities that a lot of the time intermarry each other.  There are more then 80 languages are spoken.  The second language of this country was Russian. Me being 100% Russian, gave me a great advantage in school since this was the language I was using home.  On the streets, of cause, it was Georgian, Armenian and some Turkish.

Soviet Georgia is boarded by the most beautiful Caucasus mountains that block cold air from North and surrounded by the two a good size seas.  Black sea is on the West and Caspian sea is on the East, which gives a lot of humidity.  This is unique place has subtropical weather, where fruits and vegetable flourished.

soviet georgia

Soviet Georgia was very much into hospitality.  It welcomed strangers and was kind to them.  It was known for its production of fine wine, tea and spices. The city was beautiful!  A little moms and pops shops served chazapury, traditional Georgia pastries and turkish coffee. The smell of spices was in the air, which was mixed with maintain clean air.

soviet georgia

Of cause going throughout a couple of wars has changed and people because more frugal.  Those qualities were lost and it all became about the surviving.

The food when it was plenty was amazing.  The tradition was is to make tables outside for the entire community and have parties that lasted for three or four days. Women were always busy at work, cooking and cleaning.  Some of the best dishes were cooked for the period of two or three days.  The music and laughter filled the little neighboring communities.

soviet georgia

Soviet Georgia was a beautiful state on one point of its life.  I hope it recovers some day from all the violence ..ლამაზი საქართველოში

Turkey is the Best Country

Turkey is one of the best countries in the entire world.

After traveling for years, I have learned that life is pretty much the same.  A lot of the  countries have nice buildings, nice beaches, nice food, etc.  So why is Turkey have earned my recognition as of being the best country in the entire world?  What is so different about Turkey?

The answer: People and philanthropic way of living

People is what is comes down to.   The culture of Turkey has impressed me with its unconditional hospitality, generosity and most important respect.   Turkey is a very unique country.  It is the only country in Middle east that is Christian.  Yes, the Muslim people live there too, but in harmony with Christians.  The country has old fascinate qualities and believes, yet the women are treated there equal.  There, the women can wear the short skirts and smoke the cigarettes.  There, the women’s opinion is valid.  Their views are highly respected.  There, the women are not the second class.   They are welcomed to have the marriages outside of the arranged marriages, unlike all other countries in Middle East.  How about that?   Me coming out of south Russian, it was a good news.


Turkey is a beautiful country.  The architecture, old and modern, is designed to compliment each other.  It is the place where the old fashionate way is respected and it is the place where modern world is respected.  Hey do you want to wear a scarf to cover your face, you are welcome.  Hey, do you want to wear a low cut ti shirt,  you are welcome!


I am a foodie.  The country is reach in its spices, produce and meats.  The traditional way of preparing the food was obviously a treat.  I just do not see the kebabs to be well prepared in the microwave.  Me coming out of the south Russia in late 80s and early 90s, just looking in all that food was enough.  Personally, I could afford only chubuk chorba.  It was the instant soup that was sold in small packages for about 0.15 cents.  At this moment of my life, I could not afford $15.00 dollar fish dish.  Luckily, some locals at the villages were giving me food for free, when I was not even asking.  What a treat that was!  I will remember the taste of that fish for the rest of my life.  The sweet and juicy taste of two fish on the plate, covered in light brown creamy souse.  The people who gave me that fish were smiling, saying that I do not need to give anything in return.  I was only a teenager, but already could understand and appreciate with the philanthropic way of living of the Turkish society. Till this day, I am amused with the behavior of villagers. Philanthropic way of living is the most rare quality that most countries do not have.  Certainly, I do not see it in America, where what can I do for to help you and here is the bill for my my help is widely practiced.  In most cultures philanthropic way of living shall be hidden, for most people will just take advantage of it.  Because after all, what is it there for me?

turkey food

As I was hitchhiking from city to city and from village to village, with my small back pack, I was introduced to the beautiful coast of mediterranean seas.  What a beauty?  Not one beach was alike.  The nature, the fresh air, the warm breeze ….the beautiful life… the start of my adventurous life was on!   There, I was exposed to the beauty of waters…  Sitting in the beat up car that I flagged down, I was dreaming that one day, I will travel the world and visit the most amazing beaches of this planet.  My dream came trough…


TURKEY is the best country on this planet, one of those few countries on this planet that preserved philanthropic way of living.

Later in my adult life, I have visited Turkey a couple of more times to see if this was only my first country, my imagination or the country is truly amazing as I have described above.  As I was sitting in the nice court ear restaurant, eating $15.00 nice fish dish, I realized that the country did not changed.   Till this days, I regret that I have not made this country my home.  I still think that some day, I may go there and do that.

I miss you Turkey…. the best country in the whole world.