Breakfast Fort Myers Beach

Breakfast Fort Myers Beach


Breakfast Fort Myers Beach at Heavenly Biscuits.  Please click a link to view a menu – ” A lil’ Taste of Heaven.”

Breakfast Fort Myers Beach, yes it is amazing.  The Island is unique in so many different ways and breakfast is one of them.  In my own humble opinion, one of the best parts is that there is no usual corporate chain restaurants.  Yes, there is no McDonalds nor Burger King.  All the restaurants are mom-and-pops and owner operated. 

Heavenly Biscuit is one of the best breakfast places that I would highly recommend for everyone to visit on their trip.  There are a few highlights about this place, such as quality, homemade, freshly prepared, served hot!

The place is located at

110 Mango St

Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931


There are total three homes in Fort Myers beach where I offer beach accommodations.

Paradise Home, where Royal Blue Beach suite, Aqua Beach Suite and Sky Blue Beach Suite are situated are very close and within the walking distance from the breakfast place.  One of my guest has pointed out that it is located on the street next to Fairweather Ln.  It is located at the cross street of Estero Blvd and Mango St just to be exact.

The other two properties that I am offering to the travelers are within bike or Trolley ride.

It is about 2.5 miles from Pink Shell Home (Ocean Level Beach Suite, Blue Ray Beach Escape Beach Suite and Corral Reef Beach Suite)

Florida Home is about 1.4 miles (Happy Rainbow Beach Suite, Ocean & Passion Beach Suite, SeaView Beach Suite, sand Dollar Beach Suite and Million Dollar Sea View Beach Suite)

I have not a couple of things that will help you to plan your stay with at most comfort.    One is that it is open only until 2PM and it is close on Mondays.  Two is that the place is cash only establishment.  The prices are very low so, every one can find a buck or two to get a freshly home made biscuit and a cup of freshly brewed coffee.  When I saw a menu, I could not believe myself that one dollar prices do still exists in USA.  Here are some of the items that are inexpensively priced.

Breakfast Fort Myers Beach:

Egg — $0.85

Cheese — $0.65

Honey Ham – $1.95

Tomato (grilled or fresh) – $0.95

Home Fries – $1.75

Grits – $1.50

Bottomless Coffee – $1.50

Salmon and Tomato Bagel with Cream Cheese and Onion – $7.25

Sinful Cinnamon Roll – $2.83

Grab a coffee, have a seat. They will bring food so you can eat!

I spend a lot of time at the beach, looking after the apartments to make sure that all is well taken care of.  I love the sea!  I love the white powdered sand! I always have $5.00 in my pocket, so I go to Heavenly Biscuits to pick a fresh Pecan Roll or their famous Cinnamon Roll. It is truly home made breakfast, with a feel of home.

Have a wonderful breakfast and enjoy your day.



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